Before the internet, social media, bloggers and YouTube, we had magazines. They were our insight into what was happening in the fashion and beauty industry. Every month, I soaked in every mag I could get my hands on. My bedroom was covered in the pages, as I dreamt of one day being a part of it all. It was an article on Milan Fashion Week that really caught my eye though. Pictured were makeup artists working on ‘the’ supermodels; like Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangalista. It made me realise that being a makeup artist was actually a ‘thing’, and I never looked back.

Across my 20+ years in the industry I have worked in many areas; including retail makeup, was Head Makeup Trainer at an Academy, have worked on Runway Shows across Australia, feature films, short films, television, music videos and the list goes on. I love it all but my passion is with still photography. Creating beautiful images for people to lose themselves in inspires me. 

I have an ease with makeup that allows me to explore processes surrounding the application. My aim is to make the talent in my chair feel nurtured and empowered as they step in front of the camera.  

When I studied, I was on the cusp of old school techniques and new school ways of thinking about makeup and feel lucky to be able to bring this to the table through my work. I think this is a valuable understanding of makeup and one that I try to pass this on to my assistants.

My passion for hairstyling came a few years later. Like a lot of makeup artists, I was hesitant to get my hands on hair. Now with years of styling under my belt, I really enjoy the process of creating a complete look. Makeup has always come first and now I use hairstyling as the perfect companion.

I just love what I do and always cherish being given the opportunity to do it.

JG x

Julia Green